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Source Limerick City and County Council
Licence Creative Commons Attribution 4.0
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Details Counter Name
Counter 01, Zone 4

Set at the corner of O'Connell Street and William Street, "Zone 4" of this counter collects pedestrian traffic entering ('IN') this corner from the pedestrian crossing coming from Sarsfield street (from Debenhams direction) and exiting ('OUT') the corner using the pedestrian crossing heading South towards Sarsfield street (towards Debenhams).

Data Collection Period
Data collection from 2016-05-20 to present.
From 2016-05-20 until 23:00 2017-05-08 data was collected in 1 hour intervals but for compatibility reasons this has been averaged to 15 minute intervals.
From 2017-05-09 onwards data has been collected in 15 minute intervals.

This page was last updated on 2018-04-23.

Counter 01 Zone 4 Data Collection Map